A service

| Beat Weinmann

At some point, we hold them in our hands again. At some point, all the individual custom-made pieces, the individual watch personalities, the individual stories return to our atelier in Lucerne for a service.

Since most of the custom-made ochs und junior watches differ in some special detail from all other watches or, like in the case of this gorgeous blue moon phase, are etched into our mind due to their vivid color, their return brings back memories. Memories, in this case, of the emails and talks with Ron, back when he had this moon phase made and we could deliver our first watch to Israel. Memories of the year when that particular watch was being finished on our work benches and sent on its journey in one of the hand-made leather travel pouches.

The sturgeon leather strap has held up well. After a few slight restorations, it should serve for a long time yet.

Deep blue and turquois, the sun in yellow gold, the moon in platinum, and the new moon in dark, patinated sterling silver. This watch is truly unique, and can only be found on Ron’s wrist.

We wish him all the best and much joy with it!