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radical simplicity

ochs und junior, from legendary Swiss watchmaker Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, elegantly brings you into connection with the essentials of timekeeping. Our timepieces represent the culmination of a career, which includes the restoration of the Vatican’s Farnese Clock, Directorship of the Musée International d’Horlogerie, and long-time collaborations with many of Switzerland’s greatest watch brands. ochs und junior is the evolution of Dr. Oechslin’s love of simple, elegant solutions to complex design quandaries.
ochs und junior watches are available in three collections: astronomy, calendar, and time.
With an eye to the stars, the astronomy collection’s day/night and moon phase bring daily life into alignment with the natural cycles of the sun and the moon. Evoking the lineage of the astrolabe, day/night displays the solar noon, the time of the sunrise and sunset, and the positions of both the sun and the moon. A 24-hour rotating sun paired with a rotating moon delightfully capture the day in-motion. The lunar-centric moon phase brings the visual waxing and waning of the moon into prominence.
The calendar collection results from Dr. Oechslin’s 34-year journey of rethinking and revaluing the visual hierarchy of date and time. Text and numbers are stripped away, as the date is displayed via a ring of perforations, bringing the date into harmony with the time. This collection features three models: perpetual calendar, annual calendar, and date. While conventional annual calendar watches are comprised of delicate levers and springs, ochs und junior calendar watches operate with a handful of drives and cogwheels, ingeniously stripping away artifice in the name of functionality. Refraining from using levers and springs is an advantage as the calendar can be adjusted both backwards and forwards. Accurate until 2100, the perpetual calendar takes into account leap years, displaying the correct date until the year 2100. Incredibly, the addition of only nine additional movement parts allows it to accurately mark: leap years, months, day, hours, minutes, and seconds. All watches in the calendar collection are studies and executions in extreme minimalism, striking reductions of the watch to only essential, necessary elements. The time collection facilitates a seamless connection with two time. two time zones + date imaginatively expands the hour-hand, opening a window to reveal a second time zone. Incorporation of the ring of analog dots used in the perpetual calendar series brings the added functionality of the date without complicating the aesthetic values of the watch. two time zones balances boldly minimalist linear aspects with numbers in a unified representation of two time zones, which is surprisingly seductive. Learn more