Abandonment; next steps


Having paddled his SUP board for only a week, Thomas Oschwald has had to abandon his attempt to traverse France, follow its coastline to Holland then make his way back to Switzerland down the Rhine  –  for now at least. On reaching Montbéliard, he was struck down by what appears to be some kind of virus and was unable make any further headway. Our ochs und junior selene has so far managed to survive France’s highly polluted canal water and helped our valiant friend tell the time during sleepless nights.

The watch’s readability and comfort were, he reports, first class, even when he was paddling hard.

Thomas will let the world know what his plans are in the next two weeks. He is thinking about whether to modify his plans in the coming weeks and months and change his route.

Either way, the selene Tinta will stay on his wrist, ready for the next instalment of his adventure …

Get well soon, Thomas!