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Assemble a perpetual calendar…yourself!

Official press release.

Dr. Ludwig Oechslin’s ultimate simplification of the perpetual calendar makes it possible.

You can assemble a perpetual calendar…yourself!

The assembly of a perpetual calendar has traditionally been a pleasure reserved only for the most accomplished of watchmakers. Now this experience is available for purchasers of the ochs und junior perpetual calendar in the form of a two-day workshop. Under the expert tutelage of an ochs und junior watchmaker, you will assemble your personal watch and thereby attain a deeper understanding of Ludwig Oechslin’s 12-part perpetual calendar mechanism.

Sandra Flück and Marion Müller


Using either our online customizer or in direct conversation with cofounder Beat Weinmann, you will first define your personal perpetual calendar. It will take us about 10 weeks to manufacture all of your desired parts in preparation for your two-day experience.

The proposed schedule is as follows:

At 9 AM you will arrive at our workshop located at Zürichstrasse 49 in Lucerne. We’ll start by serving you an espresso from our Dalla Corte machine and showing you our atelier as well as your watch parts. With the expert guidance of an ochs und junior watchmaker, you’ll assemble your personal perpetual calendar step-by-step and gain insights into the details of the craft.

During your lunch with Beat Weinmann, you’ll be able to reflect on your experiences and the insights gained on your first morning in watchmaking. With new energy, you’ll return to our workshop in the afternoon.

Between 5 and 6 PM, we’ll call it a day and you’ll have time to explore Lucerne (our recommendations) and its environs.

On the following day, we’ll continue bright and early at 9 AM. By the time you head out for a joint lunch with Beat Weinmann and our watchmaker, your perpetual calendar will be ready to be handed over to you in the afternoon.

… following which you’ll be the wearer of a truly unique watch!


Cost of the workshop (in addition to the price of your chosen perpetual calendar): CHF 4,000.

Each year, ochs und junior offers three such opportunities.

With pleasure, Beat Weinmann will personally advise you regarding the details of your journey including hotel bookings, restaurant tips and suggestions for activities in central Switzerland.

PS: Here is the homework assignment for perpetual calendar assemblers: watch ochs und junior watchmaker Sandra Flück!