Best Supporting Actor


Make way for a best supporting actor! As the actor taking the starring role is still with the make-up artist (and will be there for another two weeks or so), it’s the supporting actor’s turn to take a bow. He  –  or perhaps it’s a she  –  will tell a story about a bit of a mix-up that has a happy ending. The story goes something like this:

Attentive blog-followers will have spotted the fact that so far we have only offered blurred pictures of the new tinta. We’ll be showing it in all its glory as soon as the time is right. We’re increasing the luminosity of the indices. The clasp is something else we haven’t yet shown. Here it is! The new ochs und junior pin clasp is made by Peter Cantieni from the same titanium as used on the 42 mm case. Unlike the gold and steel clasps made by Cornu, this one adopts the same two-part approach as the case and, like the case, is left unpolished. It means you can admire the craft that goes into its making, with nothing re-touched.

So what’s all this about a mix-up? Ludwig Oechslin uses a different clasp on the prototypes he makes – namely the one in the photo above.

Similar to the clasp featured on the Swiss Army belt (incredibly durable, like all the army’s gear) the leather part goes through the clasp and so needs no loop to hold it neatly in place.

Ludwig always sends his DXF design files to Peter Cantieni complete with all the variations. When Peter asked Ludwig for a sample, the latter sent him his favourite version in an envelope. This was, of course, not the same as the ones he had defined in the electronic files. So Peter made both. Oh, well!Both clasps are wonderful. It means that ochs und junior now offers a choice of dial colours, of optional leather wallets – and now of clasps! The simple, easier-to-make one or the Oechslin Special! :-))

It could be that the quantity of straps we already have in our store won’t be enough…

So as the year draws to a close we hand the stage over to the best supporting clasp. Its attractiveness has earned it its place in the limelight. We’re looking forward to presenting the all-new ochs und junior mese tinta and due ore tinta – soon, have patience…

Those lucky owners of our anno cinquanta in silver will also be getting a belated New Year’s present – in a few weeks’ time they’ll be receiving the new clasp in silver through the post…

A Happy New Year to one and all, dear friends!!