Cail Pearce

_BWF6572 Kopie

A little over a year ago Embassy had a visit from a young couple. Cail and BinBin were on their honeymoon, and one of the items on their must-get list was a new watch. There’s not a huge amount of choice for individuals with an analytical mind like Cail, but he had stumbled across the MIH watch on the internet.

We sat there for a good two hours talking about the watch and the concept and philosophy that lay behind it.
We of course took the opportunity to show him the ochs und junior product portfolio and explain the concept. We had just completed the very first tinta series watches at the time, namely the mese tinta and the due ore tinta. We had also just brought our new website on stream – the one’s that currently up.

Cail was at that time working for Google at their Mountain View headquarters as a usability expert on the Google+ design team. He was focused on the innovative Hangouts portion of the product.

Of course we asked him how we could rise further up the Google rankings, but he saw a more pressing need for revising the structure of our website.

Time moves on: this spring Cail went freelance after being with Google for more than 7 years  –  and started working on our next website. Welcome to the ochs und junior family, Cail!

Alongside our new centre of operations in Lucerne, attention is being focused on our new internet presence. There’ll be a whole new menu-driven interface with a clear contents structure. We’ll be showing visitors the pared-down beauty of Ludwig Oechslin’s watches. It’ll take just one click to see which ones are currently available off-the-shelf in Lucerne.

A configurator will make assembling features, sizes and color combinations a real pleasure. We’ll also have a gallery showing watches we have already made  –  for inspiration.

We’ll be going online not when we’ve completed the work, but when the site is good enough to go live  –  around September. We’ll carry on working on the site after that  –  all conceived and orchestrated by our specialist in Silicon Valley.