Georg and his day/night

This smart pair is another good example of how much passion goes into ochs und junior watches.

Georg is a photographer with a passion for analog photography. But his love of all things manual is not the only way in which he is connected with ochs und junior.

When Georg contacted us, he had already tried several different watches. However, he was only moderately successful in finding a watch that matched his passion for photography. On a sunny day, Georg turned to us with the desire that his new watch would support him in his photography. And what can do that better than our day/night?

When will the sun rise today? Will there be enough daylight left for an evening shoot?

The day/night answers these questions and is a further testament to Ludwig Oechslin’s intensive research. For Georg, the extreme simplification and the intuitive readability and operability were an instant match..
With his day/night and Hasselblad 500cm, Georg carries on with his hunt for the Minimalistic beauty.