Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Us!

We are getting ready to light 15 candles on our birthday cake in a very special city, one that Karl Marx described in his “Capital”
(1867) as unique: as a city that has become a single huge watch manufactory. Famous for its chessboard-like city plan, which
since the 19th century has tried to compete with the most modern American cities of its time, a Swiss watch manufacturing town,
the now famous moniker “Made in Switzerland” came to life here. This interconnectedness lives on today, in small ateliers and medium-sized factories. It cultivates and advances the pioneering work of this city in developing and producing unique watches.

These past 15 years have seen ochs und junior grow from a boutique-based experiment with Embassy Jewelers in Lucerne into one of the most recognizable small independent brands in the world. From 2 models to an impressive collection of time machines ranging from basic time and date, to annual calendars, ochs und junior has grown in much the same way as the city it now calls home. Our 15th anniversary has already seen three new collections released – The cca, the settimana limited, and the moon phase trilogy. And we’re not done yet!
We have something exciting coming, stay tuned!

Save the date!

On Saturday November 6, the ateliers and watch factories of La Chaux-de-Fonds will open their doors in celebration of “10e Biennale du patrimoine horloger”!  Keep an eye on your email
in-box!  We will be sending you information about this event in our September newsletter. And one more thing:
on Sunday November 7 at the MIH, watch dealers, antiquarians and collectors will offer their watches for sale in one of the largest open markets in the world.

And La Chaux-de-Fonds is not only famous for watchmakers!
This proud watch metropolis was also home to Léopold Robert,
Le Corbusier, Blaise Cendrars, and Louis-Joseph Chevrolet.