Max Chocolatier


You can bet Johannes will be wanting an ochs und junior settimana junior of his own in a few years. Right now what fascinates him most is this box of fine chocolates.

Alongside watches and fine art, Embassy MD and proprietor Patrik König is a fan of delectable handmade chocolate – we all are! Switzerland is rightly famous for its highly refined, highly complex limited edition watches, which includes the unique ochs und junior timepieces – but when it comes to chocolate, the country is better known for the quality of its mass-produced product. Well, Patrik is hoping to change all that by opening max chocolatier in Lucerne.

The finest ingredients sourced where possible from the region – and organic, too, wherever possible – plus the best Grand Cru chocolate from Felchlin, hazelnuts from Tuscany, almonds from California… all lovingly handcrafted at 2B, Schweizerhofquai, Lucerne.

An Ochsophile with his box of chocolate fresh from Max Chocolatier…

Exceptionally, the business was open today (Sunday) between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. as a kind of test run. There was a long queue of chocolate aficionados outside the Petra König-designed boutique. Fabian Rimann, the highly talented multi international award-winning chocolatier is driven to create the best possible products in the marketplace.

The MIH watch discussing the ochs und junior anno cinquanta…The chocolate tastes best just outside the shop! Lots of boxes being opened outside the door. Didn’t Ludwig Oechslin have an idea involving chocolate? ochs und junior… 🙂

Let’s see what kind of synergies emerge from the arrival of this new sister enterprise within the Embassy empire…