The leather


Lovingly branded on the back of the ochs und junior leather strap! That’s how we do it… We source our leather from Ecopell in southern Germany. The cattle lead a good life in meadows no more than 500 km away. The company uses natural tanning agents such as tara, valonea oak and even rhubarb tubers. Unlike conventional tanneries, they do not use poisonous chrome.

And because the straps, in all their varied colors, feel so good on the wrist, we have them hand-stitched by Camille Fournet:

Grey, navy-blue stitching

Olive green, navy-blue stitching

Yellow, navy-blue stitching

Light-green, navy-blue stitching 

Pink, navy-blue stitching

Dark-grey, navy-blue stitching

Red, navy-blue stitching Rot!

Patinated brown, navy-blue stitching

Lavender, navy-blue stitching

Light-blue, navy-blue stitching

Turquoise, navy-blue stitching

Black, black stitching

Dark-brown, dark-brown stitching

If contact with water is a possibility, we offer natural caoutchouc in orange and…


Ludwig’s favourite clasp in titanium. The strap needs no loops!

Or the shorter version in titanium or silver (for our Idea watches or the anno cinquanta)


  • Leather strap CHF 200.-
  • Caoutchouc strap CHF 60.-
  • ‘Ludwig’ clasp (long) in titanium CHF 300.-
  • Clasp (short) in titanium CHF 250.-

We are happy to cater for individual requirements, e.g. lengths and colors (though we don’t offer exotic leathers such as alligator, etc.). You can choose minimalist elegance or riotous color. Here at ochs und junior almost anything is possible…and it all looks really cool 🙂