Oechslin commentary

| Cail Pearce

Important note: English subtitles are available. On mobile devices, you might need to enable them manually.

Ludwig Oechslin comments on the assembly of his perpetual calendar!

This video is a real treat for those who would like to learn more about how Ludwig Oechslin’s perpetual calendar works. We asked Ludwig to watch the video of Sandra assembling his perpetual calendar (available here), and to provide “play-by-play” commentary while the video rolled. His explanations are precise, insightful, illuminating  –  just what you would expect from the inventor himself.

Cuts between Oechslin and the video are timed so that you can see what Oechslin is describing. And the video was shot in 4K, so if you are on a desktop or laptop with a high-resolution display, you can even see individual teeth on the gear wheels (you may need to change the YouTube “Quality” setting to enable 4K).

This video, along with our others, was produced by an award-winning video production company in Zürich, Lauschsicht. In Lauschsicht, we have found a partner who understands our unique approach to communication. More on this partnership in a future post!