A product’s personality? Ludwig came up with functions for his ochs und junior watches that display calendar time using a system of orange dots. His ideas always have a distinct philosophy behind them and rely on small numbers of components. Pure genius! He sketched and came up with the design for the settimana junior. And what is written on the settimana junior? A logo?

The rear of the settimana junior sports something very important: the wearer’s name, address and telephone number. That establishes the watch’s personality and all the stories associated with it…

We’re looking forward to hearing a lot of those stories. Someone from Los Angeles sent in an idea, which we’re giving some thought…

Last Friday found me in Lucerne picking up the first titanium settimana junior cases engraved with a Helvetica font  –  I’ll be passing these on to Paul this Tuesday.

The first batch of settimana juniors will be ready for collection or dispatch at the beginning of July… Can you wait?

Sjoerd has been on holiday. He spent the past two weeks in Italy’s Tuscany with his family, eating and lazing around, enjoying not having me around and finishing off the artwork for the settimana comic strip. It’s due to go to the printers (Genius Media) on Thursday. Great!