Racing…at a snail’s pace!


Hour, minute, date. So far as Ludwig Oechslin is concerned, those are the most useful functions in a wristwatch. It goes without saying that Ludwig has come up with simple solutions to complex issues in his long career. It also stands to reason that ochs und junior should want a straightforward timepiece in its portfolio. But that timepiece has to feature an innovation to be worthy of inclusion.

This particular watch’s innovation is its date indication in the form of a spiral, which ingeniously manages to pack 31 days into a dial where (elegantly and logically) you would normally expect to see 30 days. If you look carefully, you will see how the six 10-minute indices gradually shorten as the spiral unwinds… The two disks are in 18k white gold, milled by Peter Cantieni, the main dial being heat patinated. The date disk travels at a snail’s pace, unlike the other components Peter makes in his workshop for Formula One cars… 😉