A leather strap that can be restored? Is that even worth the trouble? It is, if it is one of the sturgeon leather straps Sabina Brägger has created for ochs und junior.

On November 4, 2013, and on August 15, 2014, we showed my personal sturgeon leather strap on this blog. This strap has been on my wrist every day since September 2013 and it has withstood everything.

The two pictures show my sturgeon leather strap before and after her restoration work.

After all this time of intensive use, Sabina has resewn the seams of my strap with a stronger thread than she used for the very first watch straps. And she corrected the slight shrinkage at the lugs  –  caused by my use of the strap in water.

She thus restored the hand-made sturgeon leather strap: It is ready for many more years of use.

Leather straps generally last, if used daily even throughout the hot summer season, for about 12 months. After that, they should be replaced, also for hygienic reasons.

In contrast, sturgeon leather straps can be cleaned with water and soap. They therefore remain hygienic and odor-free.

The longevity depends, of course, also on the conditions of use. If the strap is used everyday  –  but not during sports  –  we expect it to last for a very long time. If the sturgeon leather strap is also used during daily sport sessions  –  as mine is  –  we expect it to last for about three years. That’s a long time for a leather strap!

Beat Weinmann