Tantalum for Hong Kong

| Beat Weinmann

Is this the heaviest ochs und junior ever made?

Never before has the symbolism of the visible machining features of an ochs und junior component been more emblematic than for this watch case.

Take a look at the case back!

To account for the extreme hardness of the tantalum, the rare material used, Marina Küng of Helfenstein Mechanik AG had to use an extremely high feed rate in the Fehlmann CNC machine. The clearly visible milling structure is the result of this.

This ochs und junior day/night in 43mm, manufactured for a collector in Hong Kong, is yet another, bold example of how far we can go in fulfilling our clients’ special wishes. Each of these components is individually manufactured. The 18k rose gold crown and buckle contrast beautifully with the gray of the tantalum.

An individual project like this can sometimes include a change in the original idea. The dial patinated red (on one of the photos to the left of the watch) neither satisfied the customer’s vision nor fit with our idea about the aesthetics of the watch. Therefore, Sandra Flück developed a new patina; we call it “Ocean Floor”.

In order to document working processes like this one, including changes, Cail takes high-resolution photos, trying to capture the appearance of the shimmering metal as realistically as possible. Our years of experience and the continuous development of the electronic devices support this process perfectly.

The indices on the dial have been coated with copper leaf and mirror the structure of the watch’s 18k rose gold hands. The sun has been hand-painted by Bernadette Sommer. The brass daytime has been polished by hand.

The textile strap in khaki green, also manufactured by hand, completes this unique look.