The elemental


Something elemental for the wrist. Function, for Ludwig Oechslin, is core to his design philosophy. Because he also uses his watches at night, he wants them to have luminescent hands and indices.

That’s why the Tinta models we propose are in colors that offer high contrast and high luminescence, such as light hands against a dark dial, or vice versa. For peace of mind in a peaceful night.

ochs und junior mese Tinta, 42 mm in black / white.

If you agree with Ludwig, we recommend this great-looking dark-blue/grey dial with white luminescent hands and indices.

ochs und junior mese Tinta, dial in Pantone 7546C, 42 mm.

Or how about this powder blue combined with red luminescent hands and indices?

ochs und junior mese Tinta, dial in Pantone 5405C, 42 mm.

All these can be purchased online or, from April onwards, at Zürichstrasse 49, Lucerne, Switzerland.