two time zones + date

| Cail Pearce

Official press release.

LUCERNE, Switzerland—A unique hour hand that shows two time zones at once, and an analog date display that is more readable than a digital one! The Lucerne watch company ochs und junior introduces Ludwig Oechslin’s latest development – two time zones + date.

The story behind the design, 20 high-res photos, technical details, and an online customizer are all now available on the ochs und junior website:

ochs und junior was founded in 2006 and is based in Lucerne, Switzerland. It manufactures about 130 watches per year based on the inventions of the world-renowned watchmaker and scientist Ludwig Oechslin. ochs und junior’s “rigorously simple” approach to watchmaking is exemplified by its radical perpetual calendar, which is executed in a handful of unique parts and offers maximum simplicity of use.