The kitchen


Where’s the place people usually end up when visiting friends? The kitchen, of course. April sees us opening the Ochs Loft at 49 Zürichstrasse 49, Lucerne  –  and we have a kitchen!

To check that everything’s working ok, we tested it last Sunday.

The test involved friends. The table’s four metres in length. This is the place to check out tinta colours, to play with hand/index options and to feel the leather. Accompanied by some food, a glass of wine, some local beer…

Surrounded by ochs und junior watches, we’ll be making Tavolatas, and brunches on Saturday mornings.  It’s all very flexible. Working, living, debating, looking…

Ludwig Oechslin bought this Gaggia Machine in Italy a few years ago. “When we get ourselves a workshop, that’s where it will go.” We now have the ochs und junior communications workshop.

In the heart of Switzerland – in Lucerne!

Jumping for joy at what’s to come!