A personal journey from South Korea

| Marc Bernhardt

Since I first discovered ochs und junior a few years ago, I immediately felt a connection between my company Bakoon International Corp, a manufacturer of hi-end audio and ochs und junior, as we share a very similar design philosophy. We strive for minimalism both in aesthetics and functionality to solve problems through simplicity and ingenuity. We both intuitively indicate numbers by the use of dots, whether to tell the time or to view the volume levels of our amplifiers.

During a business trip in 2019, I commissioned my ochs und junior watch to commemorate our 10-year company anniversary. Since I commute between my hometown Seoul in Korea and San Jose in California, my obvious choice was the two-time zone + date watch. When designing my ochs und junior, I was inspired by my personal portable amplifier that we had created, made from a solid block of copper, fastidiously CNC cut and finished by brushing and sand blasting. Over time, it even developed a patina quite similar to ochs und junior’s trademark. I added our orange company color and the result is not only a tribute to ochs und junior, but to my personal and professional journey over the last decade.

It’s so refreshing and amazing to see the same product philosophy originating in two separate industries, both located in a very different part of the world. My new time companion by ochs und junior is now destined to travel with me and I look forward to a continued exciting journey with it.

Soo In Chae, Founder and Chief Product Designer of Bakoon International Corp. (www.bakoon.com).