Our suede leather straps are 100% chromium-free and hypoallergenic. They are manufactured from vegetable-tanned leather supplied by Ecopell from southern Germany. Our suede leather straps are extremely soft and supple from the first time you strap them on your wrist.


You can view all 40 possible colors on the website of our leather manufacture, Ecopell. We usually have brown, black, dark blue and gray in stock at our workshop. Other colors can made-to-order for your wrist and take about 8 weeks to manufacture.


The suede leather straps typically last about 1 year. It depends on how much water they come into contact with.

Swiss made

The leather is manufactured in southern Germany by Ecopell. The straps are manufactured in Switzerland by Braloba. The design is ochs und junior’s.


CHF 250 (USD or EUR converted at the current exchange rate).


The buckle is a special design by Ludwig Oechslin  –  it requires no loops! An extra wide opening enables you to tuck the tail of the strap inside against your wrist. The look is elegant and the fit is very comfortable. CHF 300 in grade 5 titanium, or CHF 400 in sterling silver 925.


Please contact us using the information below. We will send you a secure credit card payment link so that you can make the payment with any major credit card. We will need to know your wrist size to fulfill your order. You can measure your wrist using the method described here.

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