These straps just look cool!

The outside consists of a nylon weave made in Germany by Cordura. This fabric is normally used for heavy-duty work clothes or belt systems. As an alternative, we offer a linen fabric.

On the inside, a Kevlar core ensures maximum comfort for the wearer. Kevlar is light as a feather, tear-resistant, and adapts to the shape of the wrist. Normally, it is used to produce bullet-proof vests.

Since 2016, Sabina Brägger has been manufacturing textile watch straps for us in her Bern atelier.

We have extended the range of available colors and materials (see photo below). Sabina Brägger will sew your textile strap according to your individual wishes and tailored to your specific wrist size. You choose the color of the fabric and the thread for the seams.

Colors / Materials

You can choose from 14 different synthetic Cordura fabrics or 9 linen fabrics. The delivery time for an additional strap is 2 to 4 weeks.

Since we prefer straps without the classic taper, all of our watch straps remain the same width from the lugs to the buckle. On special request, the straps can be manufactured using a different design. In these cases, the buckle is custom-made as well (price upon request).


The straps made from Cordura fabric are extremely durable and can be worn in water and for most sporting activities. As the Kevlar core may absorb some water, we recommend drying the strap with your hair dryer – unless it’s one of those really hot days.

The strap can and should occasionally be cleaned with warm water and soap. In that way, it stays hygienically clean and free of disagreeable smells.


We began using textile straps for our personal ochs und junior watches in 2016 and so far, none of them have had to be replaced. We assume their life span to be umpteen times longer than for a conventional leather strap (life span of a conventional leather strap with daily use: 1 year, life span of a sturgeon leather strap with daily use: up to 3 years – provided the recommended care is given).


Read the whole story behind our textile straps in this blog post.


The price of a strap with the measurement 22mm is: CHF 400 (buckle in titanium or carbon), CHF 450 (buckle in sterling silver 925). Replacement strap CHF 250 (use of the pre-existing buckle).


Please contact us using the information below. We will send you a secure credit card payment link so that you can make the payment with any major credit card. We will need to know your wrist size to fulfill your order. You can measure your wrist using the method described here.

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1st row: black, olive, pearl stone, mouse gray, dark green, silver grey, white.
2nd row: marine, duffblau, femblau, bright blue, pink, light orange, orange.
3rd row: terracotta, bordeaux, dark marine, brown, earth brown, chocolate brown, dark brown.

Blue with grade 5 titanium buckle.

Black with carbon fiber buckle.

Black with PVD buckle.

Tan with grade 5 titanium buckle.


Black with carbon fiber buckle.