Thank you Zurich!

DSC_4831 Kopie

Is there a hint of pride to be seen? He deserves it! Our thanks to Ludwig for his lateral thinking, his ideas, his creativity and his wonderful designs for an incomparable line-up of watches.

Following the presentation in New York’s hip Ace Hotel, our tour then took us to the Blickfang show in Zurich.

We showed the four tinta innovations – and their colors!

Four tintas? Sharp-eyed blog followers will have known about that for some time. Our latest product line is about to be extended – spring 2012 will see us issue an annual calendar tinta; we showed it at Blickfang, and we’ll soon be blogging about it!

Japanese-inspired elegance and a young lady admiring our stunning watches…

Plenty of smiles all round…

Peter Cantieni was all charms as he explained our technical concepts…

Our thanks to Maurus for helping out at the show. The wonderful Bea is of course nowhere to be seen on these photos, as she was either surrounded by people on the stand or behind the camera taking the photos.

The selene tinta in eye-catching green!

Very cool!

Lucerne-based friends paying us a visit at the Zurich Metropole…

There were hand-crafted Wald-Haus lamps on the Swisscom stand. Christof Peller makes them in the Zurch Oberland, as well as really nice skateboards – our company vehicle. It means the boss parks in his own office 🙂 …

Meanwhile over in the furniture section of the show, our cartoonist, stand designer and professional Dutchman Sjoerd van Rooijen was exhibiting his outdoor heated baths. Our thanks to him for our elegant stand – great work, Sjoerd!

We’ve no idea how many times visitors took it in turn to assemble our selene tinta, the world’s mathematically most accurate moon phase watch, and our elegant annual calendar. Ludwig Oechslin made it fairly easy for us, since the annual calendar function consists of just three parts, and the moon phase just five. There will soon be a blog on the parts that make up these functions: less is more!

A big thank you to Zurich for all the interest!